Bagpress MiniPress Kit MkII

£295.00 + VAT

Product Code: BGP200SET


  • This simple but effective vacuum press uses a sealable bag into which materials are placed, sealed and then a vacuum applied. The uniformity of pressure available with this vacuum press can’t be applied by mechanical clamping.
  • As atmospheric pressure is about 10 tonnes per square metre, this means that a pressure of 8.5 tonnes per square metre is being exerted on everything inside the bag.
  • Kit comes complete with an 800mm x 1300mm, 200 micron, polyurethane bag, 2 sets of closure strips, bag connector and push-fit adaptor.
  • The pump itself is supplied in a plywood storage box with breather fabric.
  • Everything you need to start vacuum pressing.
  • Pack Size: Single.