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6 Well Economy .. PPL600WHT

£0.50 + VAT £0.60 + VAT

4 or more £0.50 + VAT

Air Hardening C.. CLY125ARH

£6.95 + VAT £7.50 + VAT

6 or more £7.25 + VAT
12 or more £6.95 + VAT

Airbrush Propel.. SPY750PPL

£8.50 + VAT £8.95 + VAT

4 or more £8.50 + VAT

Aluminium Blind.. ALR40121K

£18.75 + VAT £21.50 + VAT

4 or more £18.75 + VAT

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£92.50 + VAT
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Please note that the last day of despatch for items from Tilgear will be 15th December 2017. Any orders placed on or after the 15th December will be despatched in the New Year.

Tilgear - Tools For Schools

Tilgear has been supplying the education sector for the last 50 years with all the resources required for the design technology departments. Over the years, as the curiculum has evolved, so has our range, offering the latest Tools, Machinery, Consumables and Materials to the Design Technology departments. College Vocational courses are also fully catered for with vast ranges of Construction Tools, Automotive Equipment, Painting & Decorating Supplies and Electrical Tools. The new UTCs and Engineering Colleges find a vast range of Engineering equipment stocked in our warehouse as well as Lathes, Mills and CNC Machines. Laser Cutters and 3D Printers continue to be some of our most popular products. A vast range of materials awaits - Acrylic Sheets, Acrylic Rod, HIPS Sheets, Laserable Ply and Smart Materials.

From full workshop installations, storage solutions, benching, machinery, materials and day to day design technology supplies, Tilgear has it all. We deliver 'turn key packages for new workshops, legacy equipment audits and will also source that obscure product that you can't find anywhere. Tilgear is your one stop shop for every element required in the DT workshop.

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