Help Page

You are probably reading this page due to a problem during the checkout and have seen a warning similar to the image below. If so, keep reading ..

If you see the image above, it means one of two things

1. You do not have the correct county assigned to your delivery address

When we first re-launched the Tilgear website, existing customers were migrated however the format of customer addresses differed slightly. At the time, we asked our customers to update their address books but for those who didn't, problems with checkout will occur. This is easy to fix. Our website can not quote the correct delivery price until it knows your correct and full address. Please follow the quick steps below to check your address and ensure it is up to date.  This will take you 2 minutes and will likely resolve 95% of issues with failed checkout. 

  • Log into your address book using this link
  • Adjust your address book to ensure the correct county is set for your address!
  • Click SAVE

Once you have made your changes, simply save and re-attempt checkout. If it's fixed, great and in future you will have no problems. 

2. You may be attempting to buy from a country which we don't have shipping methods set-up for

If you are in the UK, this does not apply to you and we advise you double check your address book as per comment 1 above. If you are however abroad, please contact us directly for a quotation as our website does not support automated shipping to international destinations. 

Customer Support

We are always on hand to help. If you get stuck, email or phone us for assistance.