Effective storage solutions are vital to ensure learning spaces stay clear and that unorganised items do not obstruct work or impact safety. Lockers are ever popular in schools and colleges and are often an essential storage solution.

Lockers provide a space for learners to leave personal items or clothing out of the way of working spaces. Let’s take a look at the key questions you need to ask to ensure you end up with a design that works optimally at your premises.

What Size and Configuration is Best?

The size and configuration of locker compartments will be determined by the items which need storing. For example, is there a need to hang garments? What size bags or holdalls will be stored? Will storage be needed for motorcycle helmets or footwear? Separate compartments may be needed if workwear must be kept separate from personal clothing. 

How Will Hygiene Be Controlled?

Consider a factory fitted sloping top option on lockers. This prevents any unwanted build-up of dirt and debris and also encourages storage within the lockers and not outside. Locker stands can provide cleaning access beneath the locker. 

Is it a Wet or Dry Environment?

In dry changing room environments lockers can be floor mounted. In wet areas it is important to raise the locker off the floor using locker stands. 

Are Floor Surfaces Level?

You need to check floor surfaces are level as lockers are designed to be floor standing. To overcome uneven floors locker stands are supplied with adjustable feet.

Do You Need Seats or Benching?

If users are changing footwear, it would be useful to offer bench seating or an integral seat and stand option. 

Will There be a Need to Air Damp Clothing?

If damp clothing needs to be aired, consider lockers where compartments are big enough to hang garments. Also consider perforated holes in doors to increase air circulation. 

What Type of Security is Required?

There are many types of locking systems available to fit with your lockers if required, for example: key cam lock, padlock type fitting, £1 coin return or token return lock and 4 digit combination lock. What is most suitable will depend on what the locker is used for. Remember to database keys to a locker compartment during installation for easier key management.

Do Compartments Need Visual Monitoring?

If there is a need for locker compartments to be visually monitored, perforated and vision panel doors allow inspection from outside the locker 

Do You Need Additional Locker Accessories?

Consider whether any additional locker accessories are required. For example: hanging rails, sloping top, number plates or extra keys.

Do You Have Enough Space in Gangways?

Ensuring sufficient spacing between lockers is hugely important. Without enough space, locker areas can become congested and difficult to access safely or efficiently. Our team can help advise on spacing requirements.  

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