Sandblasting Unit - 90 litre cabinet

£ 115.00 + VAT

Product Code: UNC090SBU


Two doors at sides and a front hood for fast and easy loading and unloading. Integrated extraction unit with replaceable air filter. Blasting gun without trigger - air flow controlled via foot pedal. Ideal for cleaning, rust or paint removal from metal parts. Extraction hose for blasting agent fastened on the unit. With external compressed air coupling. With rubber feet to prevent slipping and for stability. Scope of delivery:Premium blasting gun with ceramic nozzle.4 piece ceramic nozzle (4 / 5 / 6 / 7 mm). 12 Volt neon tube with 230 Volt power supply and external switch. Includes 5 piece replacement film for view window. Two large, integrated latex work gloves. Scope of delivery SSK 3 where different:2 neon tubes (230 Volt), in separate housing with protective pane and replaceable protective film, including 5 replacement films. Light switch with dual function: extraction and cabin lighting are switched on and off at the same time. Maximum working pressure controllable via pressure controller with pressure gauge.
  • Pack Size: Single.