Plastics Machinery

Plastics Machinery
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Injection Moulder 25
Provides a clear demonstration of injection moulding principles, whilst producing dense, production ..
£1,599.00 + VAT
Profile Cutter 145
Trims light gauge vacuum formings up to 3mm thick easily, safely & quickly Combined adjust..
£653.90 + VAT
Schred Press - R30
The R30 is a bench mounted machine with temperature controlled hotplates and manually operated hydra..
£2,975.00 + VAT
Sale Strip Heater 500
The 500 machine is our simplest strip heater, with a single, guarded heating wire and one power sett..
£308.00 £317.00 + VAT
Strip Heater 600
This new range of machine offers single sided heating with the benefit of twin heating wires for fas..
£445.00 + VAT
Thermoforming Centre - 911
The 911 provides six thermoforming processes in a single machine. A two zone ceramic heater system e..
£8,225.00 + VAT
Vacuum Former - 725FLB
These vacuum forming machines have been developed for high performance, ease of use and low maintena..
£2,443.00 + VAT
Dip Coating 120 Kit
The CR Clarke Dip Coating system comprises of a variable speed low pressure blower unit (1..
£991.75 + VAT
Dip Coating 120 Low Pressure Blower Unit
Dip coating low pressure blower unit ..
£499.85 + VAT
Dip Coating Fluidised Bath - 150
Dip Coating 150 - Fluidised Bath ..
£133.00 + VAT
Dip Coating Fluidised Bath - 300
Dip Coating Fluidised Bath - 300 ..
£235.00 + VAT
Dip Coating Freestanding Fluidised Bath - 150R
Dip Coating 150R - Freestanding Fluidised Bath that can be operated from the 120 Blower Unit,&n..
£133.00 + VAT
Dip Coating Stand - 300S
Dip Coating 300S - Stand for Dip Coating machine ..
£129.00 + VAT
Fan Circulated Oven - 200FD
Fan circulated ovens are ideal for heating materials prior to dip coating, dome blowing, press formi..
£1,239.00 + VAT
Folding Jig - 600
Our range of folding jigs assist in the quick and accurate setup for any fabrication job. The tables..
£112.00 + VAT