Mayku Formbox Vacuum Former

£495.00 + VAT

Product Code: MAY200VAF


  • A desktop vacuum former of industrial quality with a protected 1000W ceramic heater which ensures the unit is certified for use by children of 12+, and down to 8 years old if supervised by an adult.
  • Very economically priced as it uses a vacuum cleaner to provide the suction. Plugs into the unit and is synchronised during the forming process - extremely effective.
  • Works with HIPS, PETG and acrylic in thicknesses of 0.5mm-1.5mm.
  • Supplied with 30 free sheets, casting materials and 3 project templates to use in the classroom, also free access to Mayku‚Äôs online library of projects.
  • Forming area 200mm x 200mm and 130mm draw depth.