CR Clarke Thermoforming Centre 911

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The 911 provides six thermoforming processes in a single machine. A two zone ceramic heater system ensures even heating for vacuum forming and also heats the fan circulated oven. A rotary switch allows the operator to select the required process, while a digital timer with audible alarm provides a useful timing guide. Processes included are:

Vacuum forming

  • Two sizes included:
  • Sheet size 305 x 305mm,aperture size 279 x 279mm.
  • Sheet size 305 x 152mm,aperture size 279 x 127mm.
  • Maximum mould height 115mm

Dome Blowing

A cast acrylic or PVC sheet is heated in the oven. It is transferred to the Dome Blowing plate, clamped, and compressed air applied beneath it. This forms the material into a uniform hemisphere. The machine is supplied with rings for 305mm, 225mm and 150mm diameter domes

Plastic Dip Coating

A 5 litre tank containing thermoplastic powder is loaded into the machine. Compressed air is forced through the powder to aerate it, making it behave like a fluid. The metal item to be coated is heated in the oven and then dipped in the fluidised powder. The powder adheres to the hot metal. Once the item is removed from the tank the powder flows to form a smooth coating.

Injection Moulding

The injection moulding unit is pneumatically powered by the machine’s air pump. Material is heated in the oven in a high thermal mass aluminium pot. This pot is transferred to the injection moulding unit and injected into a suitable mould by the pneumatic cylinder. The machine comes complete with two moulds.


Extrusion is also carried out on the Injection Moulding unit, with the heated material being extruded through an I section nozzle into a cooling water tube.

Plastic Welding

An industrial hot air torch is integrated into the machine for the welding of solvent resistant materials (e.g. polypropylene). A fold up work-table gives support for materials being welded along with a calibrated tilting stop for setting angles.

T2K Hot Air Welding Torch

The hot air welding torch that is supplied with the Thermoforming Centre 911 is also available as a single unit.