Berghmann Laser Cutter Fume Extractor

£1,495.00 + VAT

Product Code: BER300DFE


  • A digital high efficiency fume extractor with three stage filtration (main filter, fine particle filter and fume filter).
  • All functions are fully automatic; all the user has to do is set the appropriate airflow on installation.
  • Lower energy consumption by using variable speed motors and automatic flow control.
  • Increase filter life by using the optimal extraction rate.
  • Interface with other equipment eg a laser cutter.
  • Maintain a constant extraction rate to prevent fume escape or damage to equipment.

System Features

  • Submicron (HEPA) filter removes 99.997% of particles down to 0.3 microns.
  • Activated carbon filtration removes harmful gas.
  • Simple to install and quiet in operation.