Berghmann Grinding Booth - Single Phase

£2,500.00 + VAT

Product Code: BER251GRB

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  • Designed and highly recommended for the extraction during hand grinding process.
  • Standalone grinding booth has an extraction unit underneath and can also be manufactured as an ATEX compliant extractor for use with non-ferrous materials.
  • Includes a twin gang socket fitted to the side for plugging in power tools.
  • Thermal Overload No Volt Release (TONVR) starter wired and fitted.
  • Robustly built, enabling vices and other equipment to be fitted to the work area.
  • Motor is 1 ½ HP (1.1kw), single phase 240V electrical supply.
  • Perfect for use in schools and workshop environments.
  • 19 Litre dust storage bin.
  • Heavy particles are separated by sudden directional change and fall into the dust tray
  • Finer particles get caught in the TNF filter bag. and clean air is re-circulated.