Denford Compact 1000 CNC Router With F1 In Schools Car Manufacturing Package

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Compact 1000 CNC Router - 400 x 240mm cutting bed.

A compact 3 axis CNC Router with totally enclosed interlocking guard suitable for all levels of education and training. The Compact 1000 is ideal for cutting a range of resistant materials such as hard and soft wood, plastic, modelling foam, acrylic and prototyping materials. It is not suitable for cutting any metals..

This package includes all the features available for the Compact 1000 CNC (DEN100RTR) router and also includes everything required to design and manufacture the F1 in Schools cars. An upgrade is available to include the F1 Test & Race package too.

The package includes as standard:

  • The Denford Compact 1000 CNC Router.
  • Basic Tooling Package.
  • QuickCAM Pro software (site licence).
  • F1 in Schools Car Manufacturing Fixture.
  • Virtual Reality Wind Tunnel Software (singel seat).
  • F1 Model Blocks - pack of 20.
  • F1 Class Wheels - Pack of 100.
  • Screw Eyes - Pack of 100.
  • F1 Axles - Pack of 100.
  • Axle Bush - 1/4in OD for use with F1 Axles - pack of 100.
  • Decal Stickers - Pack of 25 Sheets.
  • Paint Stand.
  • 2 x 1/4in Dia Ball Nose Extra Long Series Cutter.
  • IsoSketch 3D Drawing Tool (class pack of 30).

Optional Accessories for CNC Router:

  • Tooling Package.
  • Self centring vice.
  • 4th axis programmable rotary fixture (including QuickCAM4D).
  • Dust Pro 50 stand-alone extraction unit.
  • Universal bench and computer support.
  • Dust Pro 100 extraction unit (integrated into machine bench).
  • Easy Scan 3D scanning attachment.
  • Floating Head for PCB manufacture.
  • Vacuum pads.

Recommended Software Programs

All software necessary to control the Compact 1000 is included. Also included is a single seat of Quick CAM 2D Design - an easy to use 2D CAD package.

  • Quick CAM 2D Design Software: This VR Milling software can import DXF, DWG, EPS and Gerber files in addition to G&M code programs and as such will link with programs such as Techsoft 2D Design and CorelDraw - A single seat licence of the software is provided.
  • QuickCAM Pro 3D Design Software: Enables the importing of STL files from 3D design packages such as Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, Pro DESKTOP and ArtCam.
  • Please discuss software requirements with us when you place your order. Site/network options of QuickCAM 2D Design and Quick CAM PRO are available.

Mechanical Specification

  • Machine Length: 875mm,
  • Machine Depth: 765mm.
  • Machine Height: 675mm.
  • Machine Length with Optional Base: 1678mm.
  • Machine Height with Optional Base: 1440mm.
  • Machine Weight: 116kg.
  • Machine Weight with Optional Base: 230kg.
  • Table Size: 400 x 240mm.
  • Travel X axis: 400mm.
  • Travel Y axis: 240mm.
  • Travel Z axis: 110mm.
  • Beam Clearance: 140mm.
  • Max. Spindle Speed: 24000rpm.
  • Non Ferrous Metal Cutting: Yes.
  • Spindle Speed Control: Yes.
  • Spindle Speed Override: Yes.
  • Max. Feed Rate: 5000mm/min.
  • Max. 3D Profiling: 4500mm/min.
  • Mains Supply Requirements: Single phase.
  • Spindle Motor: 1.0kW.
  • Axes Motor: Stepper.
  • Volts: 230V (AC).
  • Amps: 8 amps.
  • Hz: 50Hz.
  • Electric Connection: 13A Socket.

System Requirements:

IBM or 100% Compatible PC, Pentium III, 1Ghz, 512MB RAM, 200MB Free Hard Disk Space, Microsoft Windows XP; NT; 2000; Vista; Windows 7 or 8, CD-ROM Drive, OpenGL 3D Accelerator Graphics Card with 128MB RAM supporting at least 1024 x 768 screen resolution. CNC machines require USB Connection.

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