Dremel DIGILAB 3D45 3D Printer

£1,295.00 + VAT

Product Code: DRM450PTR


  • Perfect for higher education, packed full of innovative features yet easy to use.
  • Closed unit means the print is safe from prying fingers but the print process remains visible throughout.
  • Large heated build platform gives optimal printing results in different materials.
  • Supported with STEM based curriculum plans to assist and promote learning in the classroom.
  • REID filament recognition, semi-auto levelling, filament run out detection, auto pause function and maintenance free extruder.
  • Connect to the printer via an Ethernet cable or remotely with WIFI for remote printing, build updates and to access the camera.
  • Large 4.5" touchscreen enables easy use and real time information.
  • Includes extraction fan with active carbon filter.
  • Integrated camera for video/image capture and remote monitoring.
  • Printer supplied with: Nylon filament, ECO ABS filament, tools, adhesive, power and USB cables. USB flash drive and manual.
  • Print bed: 254 x 152 x 171mm.
  • Weight: 19.4kg.