SuperCut Heavy Duty Trimmer and Stand - A1

£ 236.25 + VAT

Product Code: SCT100HDT


  • Durable metallic silver finish.
  • Ergonomic moulded rubber cutting head gives maximum comfort when trimming, ideal for regular users.
  • Long-life self-sharpening blade cuts both ways.
  • Blade fully enclosed for safe use.
  • Automatic clamp holds items to be cut firmly in position.
  • Adjustable back stop for accurate alignment.
  • Printed base with calibrated paper size guides and grid lines.
  • FREE stand and trimmings catcher - this stand is optional and can be left off if required; the trimmer can then be put on the desk or work surface if preferred. Spare cutting heads are available.
  • Size: A1.
  • Pack Size: Single.