Viper Roman Ogee Router Cutter, 1/4in R x 1 1/2in D x 3/4in L x 1/2in Shank - No.362

£19.25 + VAT

Product Code: VP1402ROG


  • Edge forming bits are used to shape the edges of the workpiece. These bits generally have a ball bearing pilot. You can change the cut width of the bit by changing the size of the bearing used.
  • Used to make decorative edges on projects such as mouldings, furniture, signs and plaques.
  • Profile number 362.
  • Radius: ¼".
  • Cutting diameter: 1½".
  • Flute length: ¾".
  • Shank diameter: ½".
  • Replacement bearing available, code VP316B120.
  • Pack Size: Single.