Motor Driver Board

£10.65 + VAT

Product Code: MCB102MDB


This board provides a simple way to add motor driving capability to a BBC micro:bit. It allows two motors to be driven with full forward, reverse and stop control. It has terminal blocks to connect four input devices and a regulated 3V supply is fed in to the 80 way connector to power the inserted BBC micro:bit - this makes it ideal for designs such as buggies.

  • Includes an integrated edge connector to slot in your BBC micro:bit.
  • Features external connections to the Buttons A and B inputs allowing additional switches to be connected to the motor driver board - the state of these can then be read by the BBC micro:bit.
  • Drive 2 motors with full forward, reverse and stop control.
  • Terminal blocks for easy connection of motors and inputs.
  • 4 inputs (2 analogue inputs and 2 provide external connections to Buttons A and B as inputs).
  • Provide regulated power to the BBC micro:bit.
  • Dimensions: 67 x 53 x 18mm.


  • 1 x motor drive board for the BBC micro:bit.
  • 3 x countersunk M3 x 12mm machine screws.
  • 3 x hex full width nuts.
  • 3 x plastic spacers.
  • 1 x CR2032 3V coin cell.
  • Please note: BBC micro:bit is NOT included.