5mm x 1000mm x 500mm Acrylic Sheet

5mm x 1000mm x 500mm Acrylic Sheet


3mm x 1000mm x 500mm Acrylic Sheet

Tilgear supply a wide range of Acrylic SheetsWe have wide range of colours and finishes ideal for use in schools. Our expertise in this area allows us to supply Acrylic Sheet quickly and at competitive prices. The plastics are known for their durability and the ease by which they can be machined and laser cut.

  • Acrylic Sheet - 5mm thick [1000mm x 500mm] are available in Solid Colours

Tilgear is a specialist supplier of Acrylic Sheets to schools and educational establishments. Not only do we supply a full range of acrylic sheets but the machinery that is often used to work with this material including Laser Cutters (popular models are the Berghmann 400 x 600 Laser Cutter and Berghmann 600 x 900 Laser Cutter). 

Also, our Acrylic Sheet is used on Line Benders including the Formech FLB1000 and FLB500 model which we can supply at the most competive prices. In addition, we supply Hot Wire Strippers such as the CRC500SHT

Solid Coloured - Cast Acrylic 5mm Sheet - 1000 x 500mm - ACR515S

£17.95 + VAT
10 or more £15.95 + VAT
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